Level 0 - The Lobby

Don't want to judge or anything, but are you considering using a walkthrough for the first level.? Just...just don't trip and fall into the universe.

Level 1 - Ascension

Have you tried following THE BLINKING DOTS?! Or... going up?

Level 2 - The Garden of Gravity

A famous philosopher once said: "You see those boxes scattered around the room? They are like lonely fish trying to get back into the water." Spoiler alert, I'm a Philosopher. 

Level 3 - Now you can die

Remember, any puzzle can be solved by jumping into a laser. Easiest way to get to the last level...of life.

Level 4 - Surprise

My lawyer said I couldn't hit people's faces with a wrecking box. Let's say he won't be complaining again any time soon. Cause I fired him. Into space.

Level 5 - I will tell you at the end

Why do I put glass boxes around my gallery's doors, you say? Well why not? Don't judge me.

Level 6 - That one piece that I completely forgot about

If you want to solve this one just follow your heart. Also be a genius. Follow your genius heart.

Level 7 - The End

I don't even know why I am giving you the solution for this one. I mean you betrayed me and all that. YOU should give ME....the...solution...or something.
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