Level 2 - The Garden of Gravity

The Garden of Gravity, a sandbox level were players are free to experiment and have fun with the Gravity Fields.




  • Sandbox area.

  • Providing an environment where players can get used to interacting with Gravity Fields.


  • All the different ways in which Gravity Fields can affect boxes.

  • Priority between intersecting Gravity Fields.

A tranquil garden

The puzzle in the Garden is easy to solve for an experience player, but it challenges players that are not familiar with the Gravity Fields mechanic.

  • For Level 2 we knew we wanted to break linearity, and let players have a moment of experimentation with the fields. The challenge was to make an open puzzle that still took players some time to solve. Eventually we came up with the idea of a puzzle that required boxes scattered around the level, so that players would have to move around and explore.

The distribution of the boxes in Level 3 encourages players to visit all of the garden's areas.

  • Showing players the intermediate goal in Level 2 proved to be difficult, because the boxes where all over the level. To help players understand the puzzle, we made the Curator say something every time players dropped a box in the Gravity River. This simple addition helped players understand that dropping the boxes was a part of solving the puzzle.

A river of gravity flows on the bottom of the Garden. Boxes that fall there are destined to go around the garden for all eternity.

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